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Founded in 2001, Infomet Corporation started out with a core business of providing software consulting and IT solutions to Fortune 500 and mid-market clients. Since then, Infomet has expanded its range of services to include IT outsourcing and a series of vertical market solutions, including e-governance. Infomet today has a presence in three countries and serves clients in a broad range of industries, including pharmaceutical, financial, insurance, manufacturing, higher-ed, banking, and retail.

Over the years, the consistent hallmarks of Infomet have been: quality of service, an intimate knowledge of a broad range of technologies, a delivery methodology for low-cost rapid implementation, and a team of highly-skilled professionals with expertise in numerous vertical industries.

Our passion for helping our clients and our commitment to traditional values of reliability, thoroughness, and integrity has helped us become a leading provider of IT services. We are able to back our offerings with a long history of successful client engagements in many industries and in several countries.