InfoMetís Testing and Support services comprise pre implementation Quality assurance teams and post-implementation maintenance, support and enhancements teams. These teams

1. Define the Quality control procedures and company wide standards like naming conventions,file sharing standards,security protocols both with in and outside company networks for A2A and B2B transactions and to standardize file sizes and frequenciesIn the pre implementation phase.

2. Prepare test plans and conduct system and integration tests in a simulated real time environment to identify potential bottlenecks and performance isues.

3. In the post implementation phase to monitor performance and resolve production issues and continually improving processes to identify and remove potential threats to overall system stability.

While the management of your company can focus on your core business, our experienced practitioners will ensure quality operations to meet your specific needs. Our services help streamline application support processes and address all the key issues, improving operating performance, increasing efficiency and productivity, and controlling costs for all areas of the application lifecycle, from development or enhancements to everyday maintenance or support.

Our application management services deliver the following benefits:
  • Optimum resources management
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Faster time to market for new initiatives
Our application management process consists of three phases:
  • Preparation and planning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Steady state
All the three phases emphasize on production support, performance management, change management and continuous enhancements. From the beginning of an engagement, we ensure that the mutually agreed performance levels in terms of price, quality, productivity and services are achieved.