Out of sight is out of mind…and out of mind is out of business!

The need to stay in touch with customers, to cultivate top-of-mind awareness, and to create a preference for doing business with you has never been greater or more difficult to accomplish. The ability to communicate effectively, respectfully, and appropriately will differentiate the winners from the losers. Customers have an unprecedented number of choices in the marketplace today. The need for them to recognize your business is imperative

Customer Relationship Management is not a software application. It's a way of thinking. It's a way of doing business and becoming genuinely customer-focused in your operations. A CRM initiative involves a great deal more than simply rolling out software to your sales team. Selecting a partner that understands you, your customers and the CRM landscape is tantamount to a successful implementation.

There are no "cookie cutter" solutions for a CRM system. The application you choose and the implementation strategy you execute must parallel the way you do business. And often, the way you do business will change - not to accommodate software, but to better serve your customers. From our business analysts, through our project managers, developers and trainers, the infoMet Team is focused on finding a fit for your business and custom-tailoring that solution just for you. We are committed to helping your users adapt and enjoy their new CRM tools and helping your senior management to get the information out of the system that will guide strategic decision making for years to come.

We are dedicated to providing you with a sales technology solution that truly enhances your business environment and company needs, while providing you with the support and guidance you will need to optimize that solution and maximize the return on your investment in the shortest possible time.

On average, it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current one. A major key to growth and profitability is successfully leveraging the relationships that you have with your customers by using the information you have about them to serve them better. infoMet can help you to leverage those relationships.

We evaluate your current database, the fields and records you track and how you use it. We review all of your current sales activities, your sales process and qualification criteria. We look at the documents your clients see and the type and frequency of your interactions with them. We examine the nature of your current client base, their businesses, interests and what value you offer them. We interview your customers, truly understand their experience of your company and then we help you to craft a meaningful Customer Relationship Management initiative, develop the technology that supports it and support you in putting it into the hands of your sales, marketing, customer service and management teams.

InfoMet then translates all of your needs into specific and user-friendly functionality to help you dramatically improve your customers' experience, as well as your sales teams' productivity. Tracking the right customer data, the details of your interactions with your customers, reminders and automation for regular contact, better document management for a consistent look and feel, immediate information about what worked and what didn't, and much, much more.