Promoters : With a combined experience of more than 62 years among the promoters in diversified industry sectors like software, banking, construction, project management, Insurance, telecommunications, Retail, Government, media, power generation, manufacturing, transportation, Infomet is solidly based on a strong foundation of business and technological expertise that is needed to understand, analyze, optimize, implement and support the perfect solution for the customerís ever changing business needs.

Employees: We stretch and strive to recruit and retain the best of the breed brain power and business professionals to deliver and implement our precise solutions to the best satisfaction of our customers within the estimated timelines and budgets. Employee satisfaction is the name of the game at InfoMet and we see that every employee gets personal attention, equal opportunity, best benefits package and perfect environment to unleash the individual technical prowess.

Customers: Winning a customerís trust is the most difficult thing for any business and keeping it up is even more difficult. The growing and repeating customer base is a proof that we are not only meeting their demands but we are consistently exceeding.

Together we are on an exciting journey of consolidation, growth, diversification and Globalization.