About Infomet

Our mission is to provide top notch service to customers in their core business domains leveraging Infomet’s business and technological expertise thus creating a brand value which is not only recognized by customers but results in long retained customer loyalty.

Our vision is to make Infomet a name to reckon with, for exemplary customer service, extra ordinary technical talent, and a leader in the highly competitive software development and management companies providing incremental growth for customers, investors and employees.

With a combined experience of more than 62 years among the promoters in diversified industry sectors like software, banking, construction, project management, Insurance, telecommunications, Retail, Government, media, power generation, manufacturing, transportation, Infomet is solidly based on a strong foundation of business and technological expertise that is needed to understand, analyze, optimize, implement and support the perfect solution for the customer’s ever changing business needs.


Infomet's application integration expertise enables secure, real-time data sharing across the enterprise for informed decision-making and increased reliability in execution and delivery. Increased market pressures and new business and regulatory requirements demand enterprise application integration. Infomet breaks down technological barriers between enterprise applications, from the legacy to the leading edge.